GaN Systems develops and manufactures gallium nitride transistors targeted at efficient power conversion for solar, wind and smart-grid, electric and hybrid vehicles, and high efficiency power supply applications.

  • Switch mode power supplies (SMPS)
  • UPS & motor control
  • Cleantech – solar, wind & smartgrid
  • Hybrid and EV battery control & health management systems
  • Power factor correction controllers (PFC)


Hybrid and electric vehicles have a substantial power conversion requirement – a typical drivetrain can be switching 100kW. A typical silicon-based converter will be optimally 95% efficient – therefore having a 5% loss – or 5kW. These losses, as heat, have to be disposed of, and the current solutions involve water-cooling and separate radiator systems. GaN converters can achieve 98 to 99% efficiency – a threefold reduction in losses, and thanks to GaN’s higher operating temperatures, can be air-cooled. Of equal importance the silicon efficiency of 95% is only achieved at optimum full load; at low load the efficiency drops to the order of 70%. Due to the smaller drive circuit losses, GaN Systems devices can maintain efficiencies higher than 90% even at low loads.

Whenever power has to flow from its source to destination some form of control system is necessary. As new sources of energy are explored – wind, tides, bio-fuels – the need increasingly arises for ever more efficient controlling systems to link the power into our power grids for distribution to the user. GaN, with its higher power and temperature capabilities, and hence efficiency, creates the next generation of power control systems that will make these new sources viable.



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