GS66508T-EVBHB evaluation board

650 V, 2 kW GaN E-HEMT half bridge


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The GS66508T-EVBHB evaluation board (EVB) is designed to demonstrate the performance of GaN Systems’ 650V GaN enhancement mode high electron mobility transistor (E-HEMT) devices. The EVB is a fully functional half bridge power stage consisting of two 650V GaN E-HEMTs (top side cooled GS66508T, 30A/55mΩ), gate drive power supply, half bridge gate drivers and heatsink.

To evaluate the performance of GaN E-HEMT devices in real power circuits, the EVB can be easily configured into any half bridge based topology. The board serves as a reference design for:

  • Gate driver circuit
  • Half bridge PCB layout
  • Thermal management



Block diagram

The block diagram of the GS66508T-EVBHB can be seen above. All components are mounted on the top side except for E-HEMTs, Q1 and Q2, which are mounted on the bottom side of the EVB. A heatsink is mounted from the bottom side as well, in order to provide cooling for the two GaN E-HEMTs. The board includes all necessary components for building a half bridge power stage and provides footprints for output power inductors and capacitors to allow users to configure the board into different operational modes.


User manual and design files


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