GS66508T-EVBHB evaluation board

100 V GaN E-HEMT FB EVB optimized for Class D Amplifiers 

The GS61004B-EVBCD evaluation board allows the user to evaluate our GaN Systems’ GS61004B Enhancement mode-High Electron Mobility Transistors (E-HEMTs) with the Peregrine PE29102 gate driver in a full-bridge configuration.  The design is optimized for Class D amplifier applications. The outputs of the PE29102 are capable of providing switching transition speeds in the sub nano-second range for hard switching applications.



         • Four GS61004B GaN transistors and two PE29102 E-HEMT drivers
         • GaN transistors operable up to 100 MHz
         • Transistor driver operable up to 40MHz
         • Best-in-class propagation delay
         • Optimized, Vcc independent, for matched dead time
         • Integrated dead-time control, resistor-adjustable


User manual 


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